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Industry Snapshots

ICE is a market-maker and proven leader in technology innovation, cruise marketing and sales and full-service call center operations. The key to ICE's success has been its unparalleled ability to fully integrate all of these facets to achieve remarkable customer service and cost efficiencies and to realize significant revenue/margin enhancement through dynamic, real-time yield management, coupled with a robust demand aggregation model.

ICE’s most unique ability is our history in providing “barter for travel.”  As the pioneer in timeshare cruise exchange, ICE has built a unique platform that facilitates the “barter for travel” booking easily and conveniently whether online or via a booking agent.  Today, regardless of the asset (timeshare week, airline points, credit card loyalty points or other) ICE is able to deploy the same benefits to any loyalty program or create one unique to a client.  No other travel company has similar technology or capabilities to ICE, in this respect.

Companies that have implemented ICE-driven cruise and travel solutions cover industries ranging from major commercial brands to leading financial institutions, US government departments to hotel chains and resort developers. These companies take advantage of the unique leisure products and technology services that ICE provides to enhance the value and integrity of their branded products and programs.

The ICE booking platform, marketing services and call center operations provide scalable and production-tested solution sets using the latest web-based technologies and industry best-practices in terms of customer services. These solutions are currently being used to service over 55 million consumers through ICE’s commercial, corporate, travel and leisure partnerships around the world.

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