ICE - Powered by Innovation


ICE provides clients the ability to leverage the power and appeal of vacations through fully branded travel and cruise programs.

Provide innovative vacation products to your clients, with access to flights, cruises, hotels, resorts, tours, car rental and packaged products via a proven e-commerce platform partnered with full service state of the art call center, customer service and fulfillment operations, all under your brand.

The flexibility of the ICE Travel and Cruise platform provides outstanding capabilities in terms of highly targeted marketing/sales campaigns, dynamic yield management, loyalty rewards and highly enriched travel content.

ICE is dedicated to forming long-term, mutually beneficial strategic business relationships with its leisure clients and has grown into one of the most trusted and successful leisure industry partners worldwide. 

Companies that have implemented ICE-driven cruise and travel solutions cover industries ranging from leading financial institutions, US government departments to hotel chains and resort developers. These companies take advantage of the unique leisure products and technology services that ICE provides to enhance the value and integrity of their branded products and programs.

By leveraging its exclusive agreements and utilizing proprietary technology ICE has successfully developed long term, business alliances with strong consumer and affinity brands like Wyndham, American Express, USAA, Virgin, Visa, Carnival Cruise line, Royal Caribbean, Ltd., Resort Condominiums International (RCI) as well as Preferred Resort alliances in the Vacation Ownership marketplace. Today, ICE services over 55 million consumers through commercial, corporate, travel and leisure partnerships around the world.

Our unique products, technological expertise and commitment to strategic partnering provide proven travel-based sales, marketing and client retention tools that can be fully branded.

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