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US Vacation Ownership Industry Statistics

Ernst & Young for ARDA International Foundation reported in the 2010 State of the Vacation Timeshare Industry: United States study $6.3B in vacation ownership sales for 2009.  Consistently high satisfaction rates among owners, along with repeat sales to existing owners and owner referrals of potential buyers account for the strong, steady growth of the vacation ownership industry.

ICE’s Business Plan

At its inception, ICE realized that Cruisers and Vacation Owners had almost identical demographics and developed a core strategy of integrating high quality cruise vacations seamlessly with the rapidly growing Vacation Ownership industry. ICE pioneered ‘cruise exchange’, whereby vacation owners could exchange the use of their vacation condominium week for partial payment toward a cruise vacation. During the first 5-years of the company, this program flourished, ultimately resulting in over $100M in cruise exchange bookings annually.


  • Median age 46
  • Annual household income is $93,000
  • 57% have a college degree, 23% have a post graduate degree
  • Predominantly married (83%)
  • Predominantly Caucasian (90 %)
  • More than 94 percent of all cruisers rate their cruise experience as satisfying with 44 percent claiming the highest "Extremely Satisfying"

Vacation Owners

  • The average age is 52.6
  • The median income is $72,900
  • 78.1% are either married or have a domestic partner.
  • 23.6% have a child under age 18 living at home.
  • Most owners (84.8 percent) express general satisfaction with owning timeshare

Today, ICE has become renowned for its product and marketing innovation within the Vacation Ownership and Cruise industries. ICE has rapidly grown and progressed its core business around the unique application of its general ‘barter-for-vacations’ paradigm, with the support of internally developed, proprietary software technologies.

The concentrated ICE focus on providing ‘integrated cruise fulfillment’ to the leading ‘vacation ownership resorts and vacation clubs’,  as well as related organizations in the timeshare industry such as RCI (Resort Condominiums International), has allowed the company to take on the cruise provisioning for over 70% of the active timeshare owners globally. During 2009, ICE will provide more than $200M in cruises to vacation owners, serviced worldwide, through over 35 different brands. ICE will close the year 2009 with over 450 ICE Affiliated, RCI - Gold Crown and Interval International - Five Star Resorts worldwide, along with a long-term, exclusive, RCI Global Strategic Alliance Agreement for fulfillment of cruises and related vacations.

The current product offerings for ICE have been expanded from the initial focus on cruise and resort vacations, to include air, car, hotel, and vacation packages, in addition to cruises, resorts, cruise and resort packages, as well as experiential vacations – thereby increasing the desirability and scope of application for its business and alliance partners, as well as dramatically increasing the transaction volumes within its member bases. In parallel, the underlying technology platforms have been expanded to incorporated sophisticated loyalty rewards, reward with purchase and incentive reward programs, as well as unique, pre-sold packaged products. ICE currently serves over 55M constituent members through its co-branded, white labeled, or private branded business alliance partners. In addition, ICE services approximately 1.6M of its own members under four primary loyalty vacation programs: Platinum Rewards; Vacation Rewards; GOV Vacation Rewards (specifically targeted for government employees and military personnel); and Holiday Rewards.

The vacation ownership segment of ICE’s business is will continue to grow. Our proprietary ICE Platinum Rewards (for Affiliated resorts) and Owner Rewards (for vacation home owners and non-Affiliated resort owners) loyalty programs, coupled with our unique supplier alliances and net rates assure ICE a  long-term, strategic advantage in providing cruises to the Vacation Ownership marketplace.

ICE provides business partners with high-impact, value-added Cruise & Vacation programs which can be utilized for:

  • New Client Acquisition and Retention
  • Lead Generation
  • Referral Programs
  • Upgrade Incentives
  • Closing Tools
  • Member/VIP/Employee Incentives
  • Sales/Customer Rewards

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