ICE - Powered by Innovation
Our Success

Fueled by an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit, innovative products and a dedication to quality, ICE has enjoyed unprecedented growth and success which can only be described as extraordinary.

From the beginning, ICE has demonstrated a strong strategic commitment to the cruise industry. ICE immediately formed business alliances with all major cruise lines and then leveraged these unique agreements to develop and deliver innovative products and services to associations, corporations, leisure partners and consumers worldwide.

To support its tremendous growth and expanding requirements in the travel industry, ICE developed leading-edge technology solutions specifically designed to deliver webbased vacation marketing, incentives and packaged products for its business partners and its corresponding fulfillment services. The capabilities and proven results of our technology and marketing programs are unmatched in the market today.

ICE’s growth in the leisure marketplace is remarkable. Our unique products, technology expertise and commitment to strategic partnering excellence have facilitated increased sales and global marketing opportunities, ensuring our success well into the future.